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Siebel is the 800 pound gorilla of the industry, not because it's all the good but more because it is one of Oracle's companies.  This solution is very popular with mid-large corporate companies where management has a big need for reporting.  I've heard from managers that they're unsure that it even does that good of a job with that.

Siebel OnDemand is a web-based CRM Software that can support many users.  From a salesperson's perspective, I didn't care for Siebel On Demand.  I thought it lacked some basic features that a salesperson would want.  For instance, let's say that you want to create a group of prospects from your database and send out direct mail campaign.  For starters, the search function is very strange and it's hard to even sort through prospects in the system without pulling your hair out.  So, you set the parameters for the search, such as they have to be labeled prospects and they have to be in Anytown, IL.  Ok, now you have your list of people you want to mail and you send out your letter campaign.  In 2 months, you want to send out another campaign to that same list, well if more prospects from Anytown, IL have been entered into the system, they are now added to your list! In other words, it's not really a list as much as a living database where people are added and subtracted.  Now, that sounds like an ok solution, but it's really not since you could be pulling in other users prospects.  Besides, I would think a basic contact management software would be able to realize that lists need to be segmented and static. 

But, on the reporting side, it has massive functions.  So, I suppose that salespeople can work through the difficulty in working with the system.  This is, however, one of those CRM Systems where it's likely to be forced upon salespeople rather than embraced by them.  It's a very difficult program to get used to and that is a nightmare for sales managers and for salespeople alike!