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 An Introduction to Open Source CRM


Open source CRM is any type of program that deals with Customer Relationship Management and is able to  be changed by any user or software developer because the source code is made public. A few years ago open source CRM was not even thought about. Open source was used for other things. But a couple years ago that changed and now open source CRM is highly respected and becoming quite popular.

Free contact software management is great for any business that wants to build their own or at least make changes to the existing CRM programs. Open source CRM won’t give a business as much as the higher-end CRM programs will, but the fact that open source CRM is so flexible makes it the choice of many businesses. Plus, over the past several years open source management has come a long way in what it provides to businesses.

There are several open source contact management software solutions on the market today. Some of the most popular products include: SugarCRM, vTiger, Daffodil CRM, Centric CRM, Anteil CRM, and SellWinCRM.

Obviously it’s up to each business to decide whether open source CRM is right for them. Probably the biggest factor in deciding to buy free contact management software is whether the company’s IT department can handle an open source product. The people in IT should have some type of experience with setting-up and operating open source software.

If the IT department needs a lot of direction from the software makers then a business may not want to go with open source. There isn’t any hand holding that goes along with free contact management software. However, if the IT department is great with open source and the company needs flexibility to tweak the software for their own purposes then open source may be a perfect fit.

Also, open source products rely so heavily on the user community that a company should research the product before making a purchase. A business should find out what other companies are signed-up for the open source CRM software and how well those businesses will fit in with their needs and wants.

Open source CRM is a great alternative to higher-end CRM products for two main reasons: cost and flexibility. Free contact software has come a long way in the past few years and is now well-respected and widely used. However, a company has to be careful and research all the free contact management software products before actually buying one.   Some of the more popular CRM Solutions include freecrm, sugar CRM, Centric CRM, and vTiger CRM. 

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